Incubi and Succubi: Sexual Relations With Demons

Spirit sex is real. It requires some psychic work in order to open your mind to senses not normally accessible to the average person, but the way to do this is much easier than with other methods and a lot more pleasurable. Demon friends and lovers are wonderful for those who are in prison, isolated, or incarcerated in any way.

Many of us have experienced actually being physically touched by a Demon. The feeling is just like that of being touched by a human hand. This can go much further into actual sexual intercourse and lovemaking. Sexual intercourse with a Demon is blissful ecstasy. Because Demons come to us in ethereal/astral form, they are able to penetrate our bodies and stimulate areas not easily accessible by other humans. Male Demons have no trouble finding and stimulating the G-spot in their women partners. Female Demons can get right to the prostrate gland in their men, resulting in a full deep orgasm.

How to Begin:
First off, it is important to perform a ritual to Father Satan, stating your needs, whether they be just sexual, a love/sexual relationship, an open relationship, where you are free to have other sexual partners without any jealousy on either side; be specific.

Some Demons are monogamous, in that they only have one partner and this goes both ways. These Demons take monogamy VERY seriously and if a relationship is violated by a human being, the partner of the human being could in the worst of cases wind up dead. Demons are known like humans to become very jealous. If a human is in an empty marriage and is just having sex with their spouse out of a sense of duty, Demons can be very understanding regarding this and will often overlook it provided, in monogamous sexual love relations, your Demon is always #1. Keep in mind, once a commitment is made it will last a lifetime and beyond, so don't take this lightly. Your Demon will remain monogamous, also.

You should find a Demon who is compatible with you. Remember, if you want a free, open relationship where you are free to have other sex partners, you must specify this in ritual.

After your ritual, you must be relaxed and open. More than likely, your Demon will come to you when you are lying down and relaxed in bed. This will feel like electrifying energy and like kundalini, it feels exhilarating.

Now, for people that are new to this, to begin this and open up, just begin fantasizing about having intercourse with your Demon. Most Demons are very physically attractive as opposed to all of the trash written in the grimoires and the horror stories. Ask your Demon to show him/herself to you. Relax, close your eyes and tune in. You should see an image of your Demon in your mind. Even if you can't, you can picture an ideal lover for an image your Demon can inhabit to start with.

When you begin to fantasize and do this a number of times, your Demon will feel this on the astral and enjoy it as well. You can masturbate yourself to orgasm in the beginning, until a full physical manifestation takes over. When you do this, your Demon will have an orgasm, as well. This will take time so be patient and persistent. The fantasies, done night after night will begin to get much more vivid and before you know it, you will feel your Demon and even see your Demon as you would another human being. Your Demon will work with you to open your psychic channels, as opposed to just plain fantasizing on your own.

Your Demon will more than likely come to you each night when you lie down to go to bed. Demons enjoy sex very much and they can wear out a human being. One man actually had to push a female Demoness off of himself in the morning in order to get up for work after having all night sex. She didn't want to stop. Pleasure is way beyond anything with a human being and spiritual sex can become addictive. Chances are, no longer will human sexual relationships be desired or satisfying. In addition, one does not have to worry about contracting sexually transmitted diseases or experiencing unwanted pregnancies.

A Demon lover will also be protective of you. They are wonderful with listening to any worries, concerns or problems and are often helpful in punishing enemies and taking care of things for you. When the proper psychic channels are open, two-way conversations can take place. This is an enormous help in spiritual empowerment and advancement. They will tell you things, teach you and in some cases, even contact other Demons for you.

Intense contact with Demons involves an energy exchange. The Demons, being on a higher spiritual level than humans have much more energy and extreme closeness can produce effects in us humans that feel like sunburned skin and/or oversensitivity, until we get used to this or advance our own energy levels, which is the goal of Spiritual Satanism.

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