Using a Pendulum

Important information about Using a Pendulum

Sometimes, we need easy answers to things. With time, patience and persistence in practice, a pendulum is usually accurate, easy to use and takes little time. It is important to have a quiet setting where you are free from outside influences and will not be disturbed. Always bear in mind regarding divination, that if you feel very strongly, you may influence the divination tool you are working with and it may produce incorrect answers. It takes time, opening and empowering your mind and soul through meditation and also working with a pendulum on a regular basis and keeping a journal [a black book] to record the answers it gives you and whether it was accurate or not. You should also include the date, the time you worked with the pendulum, the phase of the Moon, the weather and if possible, the planets, such as Mercury being retrograde.

Begin by taking something like a small crystal, pendent, ring or other small lightly weighted object and attaching it to a necklace chain, string, ribbon, or some other kind of strand. This should be only kept for divination purposes and not for other uses. Your personal pendulum will be infused with your energy, the same as is with a Satanic Rosary or other ritual item and should be treated with respect and put away when you are not using it.

Hold the strand with your fingertips and let the weighted part hang. For those who are new and or inexperienced with using a pendulum, it is a good idea to place yourself into a trance when working with a pendulum. Once you are confident in obtaining correct answers, you no longer need to be in the trance state. Now ask a question you know the answer to, like what day it is. Start out by asking yes or no questions. See what the pendulum does and get a feel for it.

I have found swinging right/left, like shaking ones head to imply no, means no and forward/backward like a nodding of the head means yes. When it goes in circles, the answer is uncertain. The wider the swing of the pendulum, the more accurate the answer. Pendulums can also be asked questions regarding how much, how many. The pendulum will swing, stop, swing again, and continue to do so a number of times before it completely stops.

For finding lost items, take the pendulum around the area and ask it if you are near the lost item. Spirits can also communicate to us through pendulums. We can concentrate and focus on the name of the spirit or Demon we wish to contact. The pendulum is an excellent way to communicate with Demons. With Demons, the pendulum can be placed over a drawing of or copy of the sigil and asked questions.


Pendulums are an excellent means for communicating with the spirit world, checking the accuracy of other readings and divinations and many other different things.

In a Room - hold the pendulum and ask where the object is located. The pendulum will swing in the direction of the lost object.

In a House - Ask the pendulum, room by room, i.e., is it in the kitchen? Yes/no, bathroom and so on until you narrow it down. Then go into the room and section it off.

On a Map - Start by asking if the missing person or object is in the area of the map. (For missing persons, it is helpful to have a photo and an item he or she has touched or worn). Hold the pendulum in the hand you normally use to divine with it and a pointer or pencil in the other. Point to places on the map, until you narrow it down and go from there.

Ask - "Am I facing the right direction to find ____?" If the pendulum swings foreword or backward, you are moving in the right direction. In circles, move with the circle slowly, until it swings foreword and backward.

You can also draw a floor plan of a house or building and use the map method.

Try using a map at first to pinpoint a good area. Places where Ley Lines and other energies on the Earth grid intersect are powerful spots to perform all kinds of rituals. The pendulum will circle so fast when positioned over these areas, it will nearly be parallel to the Earth. The stronger the energies, the faster the pendulum will spin.

You can write dates on separate small pieces of paper or cards and space them out, evenly on a table. Ask about your past life and the pendulum will swing in the direction of the paper with the accurate date. You can keep going back this way in time. You can do the same with continents, narrow it down to countries in which you lived. People you now know and their relationship to you in a past life. Put on separate pieces of paper- lover, friend, spouse, family member and so on. Name the person and ask the question.

Ask about each area of your body or ask the aura of someone you want to know about. Keep narrowing down the questions with each answer you receive from the pendulum.

Be careful here, as mistakes can be costly, but you can take the pendulum to a casino and ask if this is a table or slot machine you can win big at quickly and easily. The same can be done when betting on horses and so on. *It pays to be real experienced before you start going for the money.

A pendulum can tell you all sorts of things about other people. A photo or personal item of the person in question is a big help, but is not necessary. Just hold the pendulum over the item and ask questions.

Just open the phone book and ask where is the most inexpensive and the best quality place for what you want. Name places and the pendulum will answer yes/no. A pendulum can also be helpful in diagnosing car trouble before pulling everything apart or taking it to a shop.

Ask what kind of incense to burn, the best time to perform the ritual, the best place, candle colors and so on.

DEMONS: For simple contact of a Demon, place the pendulum over the Sigil of the particular Demon and begin asking questions.

Lay out several Tarot Cards as possible answers to a question. Ask the question and the pendulum will begin swinging in the direction of the card with the answer, until a yes is reached when it is placed directly above the card.

Any yes or no questions can be accurately answered with a pendulum. Small cards or papers with names of people, places or things can be lined up from left to right and the pendulum will start swinging in the direction of the card or piece of paper with the answer.

The pendulum should swing widely, as this is a definite yes or no. Circles are uncertain and a small swing is not so sure.



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