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True Satanism is Spiritual Alchemy and of the Ancient Pagan religions that preceded Christianity, Islam and their root of Judaism from hundreds to thousands of years. Judaism, Christianity and Islam stole copiously from the original Ancient Pagan religions, removing all of the spirituality and replacing it with lies and corruptions. The Vatican of the Catholic Church [the original Christian Church], has acted as a policing force to persecute, torture and murder anyone who had any Pagan spiritual ability or knowledge. [See "Inquisition"]. The Judeo/Christian/Islamic so-called "religions" sole purpose is to mislead people spiritually and to deny them spiritual truths. These programs are based upon the worship of corruption and a focus on death.

True Satanism is based upon knowledge. To learn the truth, you must study. The truth does not need to be explained in any certain way, nor does it have to be reinforced, in contrast to lies. The plain truth is something you can see for yourself. There are NO mediators in Satanism.

For those of you who are totally new to Satanism, bear in mind that there are some other sects of Satanists, or people who call themselves Satanists, that conform to Christian lies of what they believe Satanism to be. True Satanism does not in any way conform to Judeo/Christian/Islamic claims, which are all false. Some of these people are misled, others are infiltrators and others are of enemy souls. Always be aware of these if you are new. Joy of Satan has been under serious attacks for many years for exposing the enemy. The enemy has shut down our websites, groups and forums repeatedly and has attacked our members online, viciously slandered us [they have no argument and can only slander, make up lies and name-call], and have infiltrated and trolled our forums and e-groups for years.

Joy of Satan is a massive website composed of literally thousands of sermons and articles. Our staff is small and we have not been able to keep up with the intense load of information that has come with research, study, personal experiences and the experiences of our huge membership, which totals in the tens of thousands, over the years. There are articles here that in light of new knowledge, are obsolete. We do our best to try to keep up, but most of this new knowledge is posted in the e-groups and in our Ancient Forums.
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We have learned through years of research that Judaism, Christianity and Islam are conspiracies and hoaxes of catastrophic proportions. The Bible is NOT the word of "God" but was created and has been reinforced by human beings who have usurped ancient spiritual knowledge [that's why the Bible has numbers], and have used this knowledge to become as gods, themselves and to enslave humanity. Unbeknownst to most people, the populace has been under an intense self-perpetuating spell for centuries. Satan is TRUTH and the Truth Will Set You Free.

“[Satanism is] mankind’s original religion”
- Satan

Joy of Satan Ministries is committed to the restoration of True Satanism. We look to the True Creator of the religion now known as “Satanism” and the Creator is Satan, himself. For far too long, enemies and outsiders have been free to define Satan and Satanism to fit their own agendas. Satan has rarely ever been allowed to speak for himself and reveal who he really is and what he is really about. Satan is a real being. He has interacted with many over the past several thousand years and he has left us his doctrines of the Al Jilwah, the Qu'ret Al Yezid and other manuscripts.

Satan does not in any way fit the Judeo/Christian or Muslim descriptions that have falsely defined him for so long, nor does he conform to the character depicted of him in Anton LaVey’s “Satanic Bible.” In order to really know Satan, one must go to him personally, without prejudice or expectations. One will find he does not conform to this or that denomination’s conceptions of “evil” which have been foolishly and thoughtlessly heaped upon him for centuries.

True Satanism is Pre-Judeo/Christian Paganism. The facts are that Judaism, Christianity and Islam are late comers and are a reaction against Ancient Paganism which has preceded all three of these programs from hundreds to thousands of years.

Unfortunately, looking for answers from outside sources has been a common theme in Satanism because so much knowledge has been systematically removed and destroyed by the Christian Church. The Christian Church invented a false history to conform to their agenda, which is keeping spiritual knowledge and power in the hands of a few to the detriment of humanity.

Joy of Satan Ministries does not acknowledge or recognize Judaism, Christianity, or Islam as legitimate religions. These are in fact programs to replace spiritual knowledge with lies and corruptions, while extorting trillions upon trillions of dollars, and psychic energy, along with exploiting human misery and suffering to keep untold wealth, and spiritual knowledge and power in the hands of a "chosen" few.
Judaism and Christianity are also extremely new, though they try to claim otherwise, with the latest major “religion” being Islam, which manifested itself less than 1,000 years ago.

We find these programs have their foundations built upon stolen, corrupted teachings and practices of the older religions and have nothing of their own. We take the same stance where “Wicca” and “Neo-Paganism” are concerned as well. Both of these are latecomers (both manifesting in the 20th century) and are corrupted versions of the original religions, that conform to the Judeo/Christian agenda of enslaving the world through the removal of true spirituality.

Our objectives are to enlighten people to the truth and expose all of the lies these recent so-called "religions" have created regarding Satan, Satanism, and Satanists.

We do not recognize nor do we acknowledge groups who characterize Satan or Satanism by Judeo/Christian concepts, or those, who like the late Anton LaVey’s Church of Satan members, do not acknowledge his existence as a real being.

We do not recognize any organizations, churches, etc, that claim to be Satanists, yet take their so-called "Satanism" straight from the Judeo/Christian Bible, conform to Judeo/Christian concepts regarding Satan, Demons [The Ancient Pagan Gods], or Satanism. True Satanism existed long before any Judeo/Christian Bible or teachings. These people are not Satanists, they are reverse Christians, or Jews.

The information on this site is the result of much research and the personal interaction of many disciples with Satan and his Demons who have guided us and instructed us as to the truth concerning the origins of real Satanism. We encourage you to read and study freely and with an open mind. Only when one’s mind is completely free and deprogrammed, can true enlightenment and learning come about.

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